Dr. Marcus Schmalbach

Megatrends - curse or blessing for the insurance industry?

How innovative customer business models threaten the concept of industrial insurance

Megatrends have arrived in the insurance industry. In particular the B2C industry is responding to the new demands of the market and consequently existing business models are questioned or even discarded and must be re-modeled.

The next level of risk management driven by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology

Especially for risks that are currently not possible or difficult to insure, the combination of the blockchain with parametric triggers seems to reveal possibilities which previously could only be dreamed about.

What the risk financing market will look like in 2030 - without industrial insurers

Some readers will think, what does this article have to do with insurance? Admittedly not very much yet. The example serves to raise awareness, because the cultural change and the effects of VUCA World will not even stop at this – very conservative – industry.


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